What are the aspects contributing to an effective school?

Choosing the ideal school for your child can be a challenging task. There are a number of aspects to consider ensuring that your child receives the best schooling possible and in an enriching and safe environment. These aspects contribute to making a school effective and a second home for children to hone their skills and excel academically and in other co-curricular activities.

To be an effective school, a school must fulfill the following prerequisites:

To be a safe and organized place
An effective school must first be a place where students can feel safe, physically and emotionally. It must be a supportive community where kids—and teachers—of all backgrounds can focus on learning. To create a climate of safety, halls and classrooms must be free of behavior like fighting, bullying, and harassment. That said, a safe environment is not created merely through punishment.

Have a leader you can relate to
In an effective school, the principal is a “leader of leaders.” He or she is not just an authority figure, but also a “coach, partner, and cheerleader,”. A leader of leaders does not operate in a top-down authority structure, but realizes that the best solutions come from a collaborative effort. To show the kind of leadership that inspires and creates an enriching community in the school, the principal must be visible. She must be accessible not only to teachers but also to the student body. It is also the principal’s responsibility to assess data about school effectiveness and implement strategies to address areas that need improvement.

Monitor student’s progress
Research has shown that students who were regularly tested on their academic progress were more successful than those who weren’t. Frequent teacher-written evaluations give teachers the information they needed to make changes if some or all students weren’t mastering class material. Continuous assessment is one of the best ways to assess the performance of students and evaluate them. Based on the results, teachers can devise new strategies to help every student push their limits to excel in their academics.

Build a true partnership between home and school
The most effective schools have an authentic partnership with parents. At the most basic level, teachers and staff must be able to rely on parents to get their children to school on time and regularly, and parents must be assured that their children are entering a safe and caring place. Effective schools go beyond purely academic matters when it comes to bridging home and school. In the most effective relationship between home and school, parents and other community agencies work together to address problems that are not uniquely school-based but on many other issues such as bullying, drug abuse as well.