7 reasons why choosing the right school is important.

Choosing the right school is a decision that has lifelong implications for your child. It is the first step of many the child will eventually take, such as deciding on a college or a career.

So what are the criteria parents should keep in mind when choosing a school? Academics? School curriculum? Extracurricular activities? Art programmes? It is easy to become confused by the choices you have when selecting a school. How do you know which one is the best?

Here are some reasons why the decision you make is crucial for your child.

 Early years are formative years

Your child is going to spend almost 12 to 14 years of his/her life in school. The influences on their character and overall development come from the environment they are in. Everything they see and interact with will leave a mark on their character. It is important to make a good decision in this case.

Individual Attention from Teachers

Each child is different in the way he/she learns and behaves. Individual attention from loving teachers can go a long way in helping the child reach full potential. A teacher should know about the child’s emotional as well as academic strengths and weaknesses. Some things that are hard or difficult for the child can be solved with personal attention. This will ensure they are not left behind compared to other students. Great teachers can be the single most inspiring factors in a child’s life.

Creative Teaching Methods

Book learning and learning facts can only do so much good.  Innovative teaching methods are very important as it stimulates the child’s mind and sparks their creativity as well. Technology can be utilised to help students learn as well as develop important life skills. Learning should be interesting and engaging for students as they will respond faster and learn better.

Activity-based Learning

Whether it is music or art or sports, it is important to develop skills in these areas as they will ensure the holistic development of your child. They also develop the child’s character through social interactions and practical problem-solving. A school that gives equal importance to academics and extracurricular activities is a good choice.

Meeting your child’s needs

You should make sure that the school you select is both challenging and inspiring for your child.  Is your child artistic or musical? Are they logical or mathematical? Do they prefer group work or individual work? Will a structured environment help them?

Safety, Facilities and Services

Your child’s safety is most important when choosing a school. Are they in a loving and supportive environment is the most important question you will ask as a parent. Besides that, you would want to ensure that the school is equipped medically, has a well-balanced lunch programme, a library, an afterschool care programme etc.

Location of the School

It is important to decide on a school depending on how far you are willing to let your child travel. Travelling by friends in a bus is an experience they’ll remember but would they prefer such travel? Or would you prefer a school closer to home to save time and energy and ensure your child’s safety?